Greenfield Mango Delight White Tea

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Sitting here, waiting for my ‘taters and kumara to boil, and the rest of my veges to steam, I have brewed myself a delicious cup of Mango Delight white tea.

If you enjoy all things tropical, you simply must have this tea. Until recently, I actually had not experienced much of white tea, but it is slowly becoming a favourite variety, and Mango Delight has claimed a podium finish in my heart. As I sit and slurp, time melts away while my mind slinks off to faraway lands of happier times and sunshine. The silliest grin takes a hold of my visage; my chest fills with a vibrant, warm elation. Suddenly, this tea-induced fantasy cracks and fissures, shaking and bubbling, it shatters into a thousand broken dreams, exploding into a fine mist around me. My pot has well boiled over and my vegetables have been steamed to mush.

My dinner is not quite ruined and I brew myself an other mug of Mango Delight tea as I set out to fix it. I ended up just kind of swirling it all together into one delicious technicolor slop. But it did contrast the sweet surrender of my white tea nicely with it’s savoury comforts.

I could drink this tea everyday, and I think I may have since I acquired it. It’s great with dinner, and even better with breakfast in the morning. Early afternoon, sitting on the deck, relishing the view and basking in the autumn solar deluge, is my most cherished time to loose myself in a pot of this tea. It would be even better if I still had my lone surviving deck chair that my cousin extinguished quite recently by utilizing it’s general purpose. He is much taller and more well built than I am, and apparently the chair consisted of aged, brittle, cardboard timber. However, it matters not when I delve into the profounds of my fantastic desires, steeping deeply at the floor of my teacup. Lost in the flavours. Mango. Apple. White tea. Simple…Beautiful.


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