Lapsang Souchong Vegetable Soup

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Everyone in my household currently has a cold, typical of Winter, I suppose; so I decided to cook a healthy, wholesome soup for dinner. And having recently partaken in a discussion about Tea Pairing and Cooking with Tea on Twitter, I decided to take this leaf and put it in my own book:


I love making soup, it is so easy, and can be very creative. One can create any flavour, evoking any emotion, by creating soup. It is delicious, if you make it so, and, also, rather easy to eat. Versatile, soup can be smooth or course, or chunky. Just select your favourite ingredients, flavours, and colours (I always cook by colour), chop them up, boil them in water for an hour or so, and serve. Or blend, and then serve, depending on your preferred style. Mine usually falls under the latter.

I selected for this soup:

lapsang souchong, camomile, tea, vegetable soup, spinach garnish

Lapsang Souchong Vegetable Soup accompanied by Camomile Herbal Tea

  • Potato
  • Red Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Capsicum
  • Cauliflower
  • Leek
  • Pumpkin
  • Thyme
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Black Pepper
  • Fortisalt
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Spinach leaf, to garnish.




Having incredibly disliked this Greenfield brand Lapsang Souchong as a solitary tea, I was delighted to find it work wonderfully within the deep flavour of my soup. I’m fast becoming a tea chef, tea streaming through my veins at this point, and I’m smiling broadly about it. The Lapsang Souchong tea provided a brilliant smokey undertone to the overall flavour, balanced delicately by the natural sweet flavour of Fennel, and off-set by the Cider Vinegar, creating a delicious angle. The strongest flavours are the Beetroot and Carrot, standing boldly in front of Potato and Pumpkin, shortly followed by the shy presence of Cauliflower and Capsicum, cuddled with Thyme. The Leek cannot be distinguished, and the pepper provides a pleasant, subtle spice.

What better way to eat a tea-spiked soup, than with a delectable tea? I don’t think there is one, to be honest. Heck, I don’t think there is a better way to eat any meal, than with a delectable tea. For this meal, I chose Twinings Pure Camomile. Pretty flowers, beautiful scent, delicious to drink! I simply love Camomile tea, I drink it everyday. Great taste and relaxing serenity. What I did not anticipate was the effect it had of clearing the palate, allowing me to fully experience every mouthful of soup after a sip of tea. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always been in the mind of the very first bite of a meal being the greatest, the tastiest, the most vibrant. And every mouthful after a sip of Pure Camomile was The First Bite. I’ve never enjoyed a soup so thoroughly. I don’t think I’ve ever made a soup so creatively.

Thick liquid orgasm, swirling down my body, uplifting my senses, invoking a smirk, energizing my fantasies. The soup is devine. The Tea accompaniment just as elegant.

I highly recommend.

Have you cooked soup with Tea before?

which flavours pique your fancy?


Greenfield Mango Delight White Tea

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Sitting here, waiting for my ‘taters and kumara to boil, and the rest of my veges to steam, I have brewed myself a delicious cup of Mango Delight white tea.

If you enjoy all things tropical, you simply must have this tea. Until recently, I actually had not experienced much of white tea, but it is slowly becoming a favourite variety, and Mango Delight has claimed a podium finish in my heart. As I sit and slurp, time melts away while my mind slinks off to faraway lands of happier times and sunshine. The silliest grin takes a hold of my visage; my chest fills with a vibrant, warm elation. Suddenly, this tea-induced fantasy cracks and fissures, shaking and bubbling, it shatters into a thousand broken dreams, exploding into a fine mist around me. My pot has well boiled over and my vegetables have been steamed to mush.

My dinner is not quite ruined and I brew myself an other mug of Mango Delight tea as I set out to fix it. I ended up just kind of swirling it all together into one delicious technicolor slop. But it did contrast the sweet surrender of my white tea nicely with it’s savoury comforts.

I could drink this tea everyday, and I think I may have since I acquired it. It’s great with dinner, and even better with breakfast in the morning. Early afternoon, sitting on the deck, relishing the view and basking in the autumn solar deluge, is my most cherished time to loose myself in a pot of this tea. It would be even better if I still had my lone surviving deck chair that my cousin extinguished quite recently by utilizing it’s general purpose. He is much taller and more well built than I am, and apparently the chair consisted of aged, brittle, cardboard timber. However, it matters not when I delve into the profounds of my fantastic desires, steeping deeply at the floor of my teacup. Lost in the flavours. Mango. Apple. White tea. Simple…Beautiful.

Greenfield Jasmine Dream Green Tea

jasmine dream, jasmine tea, green tea, jasmine green tea, teacup and saucer, teapot, greenfield,

Within the blurb lies the description

“Light jasmine aroma accentuates clear and refreshing flavour of the noble green tea from Yunnan province.”

Now, it is rather difficult to go wrong with a simple green tea, or jasmine infused green tea. Greenfield and Yunnan province, unsurprisingly, certainly have not managed to blunder this one.

Jasmine Green Tea is a basic necessity for any tea-lover, and this Greenfield variety is a welcome version, indeed. I feel more relaxed with every sip. Soothing deeply, the flavours of jasmine and green Camellia caress my mind as my taste buds rejoice.

I would drink this tea shortly before meditation, or in the bath with many bubbles and scented candles, accompanied by a blunt. Such imagery of rested bliss floods my mind as I near the bottom of my cup.


Any jasmine-junkies out there?

Have you tried Greenfield? What’s your usual?

any and all opinions of Jasmine welcome.

Greenfield Festive Grape Herbal Tea

festive grape, herbal tea, herbal infusion, teacup and saucer, teapot, tea, dried apple, rosehip, hibiscus

The first thing to spring to mind when I saw this tea was a hot blackcurrant drink, and with that appeal, I could not pass it up, especially considering I had never tasted a grape tea before now.

Conjured from the strong red grape flavour are recollections of Merlot and Cabernet from a red period, lived perhaps too long, of my old wine days. This flavour, of course, is quite different from that of wine: sweet, pleasant, soft.

Present is a slight spicy tickle in the after-taste. A very short-lived tingle, I suspect created by tarty apples. Within the blurb you will find

“fine sweetness of dried apples sounds in harmony with mild rosehip flavour and the piquant acidity of hibiscus is softened by warm aroma of red grapes in the full festive flavour.”

Perhaps I was mistaken. It may be the Hibiscus providing the ever-slight tingle. Nevertheless, the apple flavour is vividly present, though overpowered by the much more vivid grape. Little else can be distinguished amongst the two.

The blurb also suggests the option of serving cold. I imagine it could make for a wonderful iced tea, perhaps even rivaling the hot alternative, without a doubt on a summer’s day or warming spring afternoon.

Are there other Grape infusions that have eluded me?

I shall keep an eye open. After all, I am rather fond of Grapes.