Red Seal Black Adder – A Liquorice Tea With Bite!

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Oh boy-oh! now here’s an intriguing tea! a very yummy (unless, of course, you absolutely hate liquorice) tea made from liquorice root, fennel seeds, peppermint leaves and aniseed. It’s rather tasty, indeed, and a lovely choice to accompany my basic breakfast of four-fruits jam on toast (mixed grain Burgen, if you must know). The sweet liquorice tea mingles marvelously with the sweet flavour of my jam-on-toast. This was especially pleasing, getting me past the urine colouring of the tea.

I must confess, I’m not the fondest of liquorice or aniseed, but in moderation, I can surely appreciate it. The biggest contributing factor to my disliking of excessive liquorice gorging is the strength of it’s flavour. And while this herbal tea has liquorice, aniseed and fennel seed, all with flavours of liquorice, building upon eachother, the peppermint smoothes it all out, providing an almost cooling sensation, and lacking spice of any kind. Only complaint with this tea I would have is how sweet it is. I suppose most people would enjoy this aspect thoroughly, I’ve not much of a sweet tooth these days.

A simply delectable tea, naturally sweet tea. Despite being caffeine-free, it certainly woke me up this morning in a delightful manner.

Bonus-points for sweetness without sugar

Liquorice-lovers: drink your heart out!

Liquorice-loathers: I dare you to try!