Tea-Total Creamy Rooibos and Caramel

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Not one with a sweet-tooth, it is somewhat surprising that I chose the Tea Total Rooibos and Caramel tea, today at Columbus Cafe. But, to my delight, it is not at all overpoweringly sweet. In fact, it is not really very sweet at all. Which is a particular pleasure, because I find caramel tastes far better the less sweet that it is.

Initially, I must admit, I was vaguely disappointed upon my first sip; I could taste a splendidly velvet caramel, although, Mr. Rooibos seemed absent! However, this dismay soon dissipated as I continued to gulp, for Mr. Rooibos, it turns out, is a brewtastic flavour-ninja, slinking silently throughout the shadows and creeping delicately onto my palate, fading into my soul; reassuring me, he is here.

A smile wanders across my face. I feel warm. I feel content. I feel secure.

I like this tea.


Tea Total Japanese Lime Green Tea

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Today is a day of FLAVOUR. Wow. I’m sitting at a local Columbus cafe enjoying a pot of Tea Total Japanese Lime Green Tea, and I cannot implore you more: get down to Columbus, if you’re in NZ, and try this tea! It has to be the tastiest, most mouth-watering, god-damned green tea I have ever had the pleasure of guzzling down my gullet.

My eyes scanned down the laminate menu of a great variety of teas, and the word “lime” jumped off the page quicker than tea pours from a teapot. I love all things lime: lime milkshakes, lime icecream, lime jelly, lime on it’s own, a wedge of lime in my rum, lime on the frosted rim of a margarita, even the colour is brilliant! and I cannot believe I’ve been twenty-four years on this rock without tasting lime in a tea! the travesty. I quickly skimmed over the remaining menu, knowing full well I would be passing it all up. So I ordered the Japanese Lime Green Tea as I read the blurb

“Green sencha tea flavoured with lime, lemon & daisies, a mild but cleansing tea to be drunk without milk”

and if that don’t get your taste buds in a twist then you, sir (or madame), are reading the wrong blog. A strong lime flavour washes over your body like the waves washing up on the shore of Japan, with faint lemons squeezed delicately over your still, calm body, daises floating all around you, occasionally bopping into you, nudging your arm toward the teapot to pour an other cup of tea divinity. The green tea base can be tasted throughout, from start mixed in with the lime, to after-taste lingering with lemon and daisies.

Alas, my teapot drained, I am living in the past twenty minutes. Reliving every moment, every sip, every slurp. Wishing I had savoured it just ten minutes more. Wishing I hadn’t bought a banoffee cronut for $6.00, decimating any justification to purchase an other pot of tea. Wishing.

Japanese Lime Green Tea, try it. Try it at your next possible opportunity.

Any other lime infusions out there? please share them with me